Cosimo Cambianomi

Character History

Cosimo Cambianomi was once part of a prominent merchant house in Gemric City, tapped by the family patriarch to do difficult and sensitive tasks. In doing so, he became quite apt at skills considered by many to be... unnatural. To Cosimo, it was simply another path to power, status, and eventually perhaps immortality. But when the family fell under the sway of a faction of foreigners that Cosimo disagreed with, he was forced to break ties with his old family.

Adrift in the world, tide and time brought Cosimo to the Circle of Arazak, as it does with so many examples of human flotsam. Now, Cosimo trades his unique skills for pay. Eventually he hopes to assume a position of importance and power, and someday return to Gemric to liberate his house from the pernicious influence of the outsiders who have led it astray.