Bellow Hurk

Character History

Bellos Hurk is the first born son of Belethor, the former executioner to Magister Kurn. While interbreeding with orcs was strictly taboo in the Hurk family, at some point in the past it appeared to have happened. While Belethor was initially extremely pleased to have a son as an heir, Bellos unfortunately bore a strong resemblance to his orcish ancestor and was ostracized from the family at a young age. Instead, Belethor groomed his second son Giloc as his successor.

The matter of succession was extremely important in the Hurk family, as they possessed the greataxe Bloodfall. Originally crafted for a champion of Fermas Vorokhoi, Bloodfall was taken by Magister Kurn and gifted to the Hurk family to assist them in their duties. It is rumored that Bloodfall possesses a malign intelligence and will only pass to the first born child of its current wielder.

Three months ago, Belethor passed away in his sleep and Giloc took up the blade. After the necessary funerary rites in which the blade was bathed in both Belethor and Giloc’s blood, Magister Kurn called for Giloc to perform his sworn duties and cull a dissident. The axe bit deep into the neck of the accused, but there was no tell-tale rot to the wound and the way Giloc kept shifting the haft, it seemed unbalanced in his hands. It was obvious the the Magister that something was awry, and he sent Giloc back to his estate to perform the ritual again.

For Bellos, the past three months have been a nightmare. Every minute of his sleep was plagued by the deep desire to feel the weight of Bloodfall in his hands to bring it down on the neck of an enemy and every waking moment was spent with a boiling rage at having been passed over because of his looks.. Drunk and perpetually angry, Bellos sought out his father, only learning of his passing from an old servant who recognized him. It was then that Giloc returned from the execution, bearing Bloodfall.

As Bellos angrily approached his brother, it seemed the axe came alive, leaping from Giloc’s own hand to Bellos. The last thing Giloc saw was the face of Belethor superimposed over Bellos and the axe descending on his head.