Session #26: Finale

Spending the evening back at home after returning from the fight with Holgresh, the Black Dragon, the party attempts to rest and recover. Anexi, the parties guide to the north has already chartered a caravan to bring supplied and himself, back to his small northern village of Snowcliff. The next day, the group disperses to attempt to gather information on possible weaknesses for Dozekar, the White Dragon and supplies. While reading up on Dragons in the Academy Library, Nairb is passed by Archmage Vaorun and a captive Rhizzad. Vaorun informs Nairb to gather his party, they will want to see the proceedings.

Nairb rounds up the group, who then arrive at the council chambers just in time to hear the pronouncement of justice and sentencing. Rhizzad will be bound in chains for the next thirty days while under the effects of a True Polymoph spell, at which time he will never again be able to take the form of the Ancient Green Dragon, Grendish. He will also be forced to wear a magical cursed gorget, which will cut him off from his ability to use magic, and then be transported to the Magic Scarred jungles of Terathmin where he will live out the remainder of his life.

Not trusting Rhizzad, and thinking this is some kind of trap, Tawna sneaks into the citadels prison cells and confronts Rhizzad, who tells her the truth, that after several hundred years of searching for Dozekars prison, and releasing him, he has found that he is fond of the people he has betrayed, and wishes to atone for unleashing the Dragons on their world. Tawna believes him, and returns to the group who are discussing plans with Vaorun. Vaorun knows Tawna went into the cells, and seeing her Gazer pet, decides that they may need a bit of help in the coming fight, transforming “Bob” into a full fledged Beholder, Bob may now speak and act on his own account, and thinks of Tawna who has taken very good care of him for the last several months as his adoptive mother.

Several nights later, while sleeping, Nordred hears a hissing sound and a pop, followed by a voice coming out of the darkness in his room, promising power, and a chance to sit on the thrown of Pine March. When Nordred declines the offer, and casts protection from Evil, there is another pop, and the voice appears within Tawna and “Lord Bob”s room. Also rejecting the offers, they follow the now revealed Bone Devil, who has some sway over the thrown of Pine March, into Hemingar’s room. When Hemingar is awakened by the Fiend, he throws an Axe at it, attempting to go back to sleep, but a real fight ensues, with the party coming out victorious.

After several more days of preparing, shopping and generally trying to sure up the cities defenses, it would appear that the Dragon, Dozekar, snuck his way into the city under the guise of a Goliath, and had his Kobolds swarm into the council chambers and capture the Council. He then began to set up his throne in the council chambers.

When the Party heard the alarm bells, they rushed to the Councils side, and began to engage the Goliath, armed with a giant ice Axe. The party charged, and Bob began using his new eye rays, but when he did, the Goliath summoned an ice wall between the group, leaving Nairb alone with him for a moment. Shortly after, the Goliath was injured, and transformed into the full might of the Ancient White Dragon, Dozekar.

Immediately breathing his Icy cold breath on the majority of the party and nearly killing several of them, they fought on, eventually, summoning a fire elemental and a Anis Hag, and Tawna and Hemingar firing Dragon Slayer arrows at the Gargantuan White Dragon. Tawna blinded the beast by firing one of the special arrows into the Dragons mouth (scoring a critical hit) and allowing Hemingar and Nordred to get close enough to attack. Nordred using his pick, Mithril Fang on the Dragons back legs, while Hemingar dealt the final blow by casting a high level thunderwave and crushing in the Dragons chest.

With the Dragon killed, the Kobolds gave up, and the council picked up their dropped weapons and dispatched the small rodent like humanoids.

Over the next several weeks, the Party was awarded with Minor nobility within Duram, being the hero’s who saved not only the city, but the council itself.

Eventually, The throne of Pine March was filled, its new ruler appointed by the Nobility of Silverwater as reparations for the war that they were forced into.

Hemingar used his newly found status to buy a ship, and sail throughout the Kehler and Krayton Sea’s as a pirate.
Nairb stayed within the city, using land near the Parties gifted manor to open a “zoo” when he could collect injured and lost animals and care for them.
Nordred ran for the now empty seat of the trade commissioner on the council, and won, becoming the envoy of trade with the Halls of Honor, the Fire Giant Roykl’s kingdom under the mountains.
Tawna and Bob left Duram, moving to Mismallon where they built a small halfling town. Years later, after Tawna passed away, Bob left the town and moved into the mountains south of Pine March, to look over the area.