Session #25: The Black Dragon

Arriving through the portal, the party finds themselves in a dark cavern with strange light flickering along the ground. Hemingar discovers that they are within a very large underwater cavern with a semi-transparent quartz like ceiling, allowing light through from the surface far above.

Exploring the cavern, the party begins to search for the tracks of the Kobolds, which they find, and follow for a short time before the tracks split into two groups, one leading down, and the other leading up. The group follows the path leading up and eventually come to another large cavern with a clearer ceiling, and the group can see sea life swimming around outside.

Moving deeper into the cavern, Nordred notices a small glowing orb, giving off a decent amount of light, so he decides to tap it with his weapon, which nearly knocks the globe off its stand, and alerts the Kobolds which were deeper in the cave of their presence.

A battle begins between the party and several kobolds, one of which stood out due to its jet black color. When Hemingar and Tawna targeted the black kobold and killed it, a loud roar was heard from the back of the cavern causing the remaining kobolds to flee, and revealing itself to be the Large black dragon known as Holgresh, the cursed.

Holgresh, recently freed from his own prison here beneath the Krayton sea, attacks the group and nearly kills Anexi, Nordred, and Hemingar at one point before finally being taken down. In the battle however, it was revealed that Holgresh had struck the ceiling and cracked it, causing water to begin to leak into the cavern.

Little did the party know, that Grendish, in his Humanoid form, Rhizzad, was present and after a short discussion, transported the party to the Academy in Duram as an act of good will.