Session #23: The Journey North

After returning to Duram, the party gathered supplies, consulted with the Aerie council, and hired an airship to take them as far north as able. The ship, on its maiden voyage, was able to take the party as far northeast as the small walled town of Riverbend in the Kaltemark, where Hemingar got into a bar fight with a Goliath, whom then bought him a drink, and gave him directions to Snowcliff, a town on the edge of the mountains to the far north. From there they traveled North on foot for several days, finally reaching the edge of the mountain range they were seeking, and the tiny village of snowcliff.

In snowcliff, the party searched out the old adventurer, Garret Levestusson, who claimed to have found an ancient city in the mountains decades ago, but has since gone blind. Garret is tended to by his two sons, tieflings, Anexi and Truvic. Garret sends Anexi with the party as their guide, and the party spends the night in the makeshift inn, before heading into the mountains for a 2 week journey to Lithos Eremion, a lost city once built by Giants.

Given the choice of moving through the dangerous snow covered and stormy mountain passes, or through the tunnels once used as mines, when they spent several days wandering before making camp. As they slept, with Anexi keeping watch, they were attacked by two froglike Slaads. Both were easily defeated by a combination of summoned earth elemental and attacks by the group and their guide.