Session #22: Findings and Fightings

After reconvening at the Mountain Stone Tavern, the party made plans to find a way into the Castle. Nairb decided to transform into a rat, and investigate the sewers under the castle. After two days of searching the sewers, he finally found a ladder and doorway which led into the main level of the palace.

Returning to the rest of the group, he explains the path, and they rest for the night before heading into the sewers the next day. Meeting up with the Duram soldiers who snuck into the city to help them, and the Nothics who Thesh sent, the group finds the entrance to the castle and begins to sneak their way through.

Finding themselves at the large carved wooden doors of the throne room, Nairb cast fog cloud to conceal their numbers and the group stormed the large open seat of power for the Queen.

The battle went fairly quickly, with a number of soldiers on both sides falling to either archers, or spells. The queen turned the floor into a slippery frozen mirror, causing people to slide further than they intended when moving, and making it harder to get to her.

Nairb turned into an Elephant, while Tawna and Hemingar assaulted the Queen directly, and Nordred directed the Nothics and dealt with Soldiers and Kerafim, the Queens Reverent Knight.

Once Kerefim fell, The Queen began to feel more desperate in the situation, and called for help from her Patron, a Bone Devil of the Nine Hells, whom joined the battle.

Hemingar, not wanting to engage such a powerful foe at this time, cast Gaes on him, and with some luck, sent him back to the Hells for the next 30 days, unable to return.

The party managed to defeat and behead the Queen, plunging Pine March into chaos, but ridding it of possibly its biggest threat as well.

Hemingar and Nairb then spent a small amount of time causing some discord in the city, trying to rile the citizens up to fight against the nobles and allow them to escape, which they did.

The party returned to Duram by boat, meeting with the council, and making plans to head North, to attempt to find one of the other Giant Prisons built for the primordial dragons of ages past.