Session #20: Frozen Fire

The party continued to search King Roykl, the fire giant’s, bedroom, before deciding to leave and report back to the Aerie council. While leaving, Hemingar, Tawna and Nordred heard a repetitive thumping sound, following by cracking, and then shattering ice.

They rushed back to the throne room, to find that the magical ice sheet that had been covering the portal had shattered, and the king was lying on the ground badly injured.

Through the portal, one claw at a time, a garganuan white dragon appeared. Breathing a thick layer of ice onto the king, it then latched onto the ceiling of the cavern and burrowed its way into the rock, eventually freeing itself and reaching open air.

The party aided Roykl in recovering, and found that the “kingdom” was actually an ancient elven prison for the dragon, named Dozekar, who was inprisoned during the Elf/Giant Dragon war. Too difficult to kill, he was entombed in a pocket dimension of pure heat and fire, meant to keep him subdued and tortured for all eternity. Roykl informed the party that there were six such prisons made, and he is aware of only two others that might still be intact and guarded, the others inhabitants killed or escaping and then killed long ago.

Roykl gifted the party with the Axe, Splitter, before they left to return to Duram, so that they could enlist the aid of Thesh in their fight against the Queen.

Returning to Duram, the party checked in with the Aerie Council, informing them of their suspicion that Adviser Rhizzad may have had something to do with the attack on the Halls of Honor, and release of the Dragon. They then witnessed the Dragon, Dozekar, flying off to the South East, presumably beginning his search for the other two remaining prisons.

The party made their way south, to Faern Groht, where they tentatively handed over the Axe to Thesh to study, who then gave it back, and agreed to send several (3) of his more powerful Nothic servants along after the party to aid in their assault on Berlexing, and the Queen.