Session #19: Decisions

Accepting the reward of 200 gp each for protecting the guests at the Baron’s party from the baron himself, the party decides to quickly move on from Murtova. Guards begin to swarm the mansion, but the party is gone by the time they arrive.

Moving North once again, passing by the Southern watchtowers of Duram, and spending nearly a week in travel, the party defeats a lone umberhulk which found its way to the surface and seemed to have been following them for several days.

Reaching Duram, they met with the council briefly, and reunited with Athenon Ruttcutter, Nordred’s brother, who would accompany the group through the mines to the Kingdom of Roykl. Before departing, the group is informed that there has been an “altercation” at the Fire Giants kingdom, and rushed to discover what the issue was.

Crossing the large Iron bridge, they noticed signs of battle, and as they moved closer to the gates of the city, realized that the large gold and stone doors had been heavily damaged, and actually knocked off their hinges. 

Inside the city, they found more signs of battle, and noticed that parts of the city were growing cold, like the lava tubes had been sealed off or somehow prevented from heating the subterranean areas.

In the throne room, the Lavafall which housed the portal to the Plane of Fire that Roykl so often used, was covered in a thick sheet of magical ice. In the corner, Roykl’s emissary, Ixelis lies dead on the dias, with Rhizzad injured beside him.

Healing Rhizzad, the party questions him, and finds that he does not quite know what happened, he and Ixelis were talking one moment, and then were flying through the air, struck by something, and then he was unconscious.

Continuing to search the city, they discovered several groups of Kobolds, and near the Kings bedroom, the Giant Statue of the Fire Giant King had been defaced and vandalized, while the other statues of the Primordial Giant Allies of the king remained intact. They also encountered two groups of White Kobolds (snobolds), and two dragonborn, who upon attacking shouted the name of what Rhizzad would explain, is another Giant, a Frost Giant, from the North of the city, and who was thought to be an Ally of Roykl.

The group dispatched the enemies, and began to search the Kings bedroom, to discover a carpet made of Displacer Beast hide, and a Mimic, which the party killed.