Character Background

Hemingar is a Half-Orc from the “Kingdom of Storms”, which lies far across the Hillayet Sea to the northwest. In his homeland, over a third of the locals are half-orcs, and it is nothing at all to have Orc and Ogre relatives. At an early age, Hemingar displayed an inquisitive mind and a wandering spirit and began training under the skalds of the court at King Ranghok Crackskull. He learned to play the horn, drums, and pipes. He also learned the various mystic chants and songs of his people and became a skillful singer and storyteller. Unfortunately, Hemingar’s mouth and appetites tended to get him into trouble, and eventually, he was driven from the king’s hall under penalty of being fed to his uncles. Hemingar will cheerfully relate the tale, which involves several women, some gold, and a duel.

Hemingar took to the seas, traveling with various ships around the northern seas. His good cheer, quick wit, and effective ax arm made him a welcome member of the crew, and he served for several years learning the trade. These ships traded and raided along the coasts of wealthier, more civilized lands. He made many friends during his time aboard the longships of the Northmen and is still able to find friends in most port cities. Hemingar managed to avoid a bad reputation, as he was just one more half-orc among many, but he can certainly show the rough edge of the piratical life at times. The young half-orc bard was captivated by the sights and pleasures the warmer, softer Southern kingdoms offered him, and he eventually left the sea behind and became an adventurer. After a time, he made his way to the great city of Durham, one of the greatest metropolises in the Kehler Lands, and a hub of trade and travel. It is here he seeks to earn his glory.

Hemingar is a tall male, muscular with long black hair and grayish skin. He has coarse features including tusks, but these are offset by his striking blue eyes. He wears leather clothing thick enough to serve as armor and carries a large Dwarven pattern ax as his main weapon… a distinctive choice for a bard. He is easily mistaken for a barbarian of some sort and is amused rather than offended by those who underestimate his abilities. He is bold, curious, and a bit impetuous, prone to plunging into adventures rather than planning things much. Hemingar is also notably lustful, cheerfully willing to seduce females of virtually any species that responds to his rough charm. He often jokes that he seeks to bed one woman of every race on Aestas…. he doesn’t actually have such plans, but will cheerfully pretend to.

Hemingar’s grand goal is to see the world and choke every bit of experience from it to live a life worth telling tales of, and to die heroically. Anything that serves that end is good, in his estimation.

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