Session #5: Finding Answers

Leaving the Vghera family tomb behind, and traveling back to the Port of Arazak, the party returns to the Black Shack with the final item requested by the entity. Upon arrival, the being, accepts the corpse flower, and produces the promised payment, 100gp worth of small precious metal spheres for each party member present. The group askes that they be able to think on what they would like to ask for their Divination that is being granted, and the being accepts.

The party then splits to do various things, shopping, looking for answers and jobs and to just relax and drink after the events of the last few days. Sanctuary goes in search of one of her criminal contacts, a common thief named Edd (Edwin, and hopes for an introduction with the Dark Bargainers, the Ports underground smuggling and thieves organization. Edd grants her request, though he warns her not to cross them, or it would be both their heads, and introduces her to Garrote, a shifty little goblin who lives in a tunnel under the docks and is the task master for all the new inductees. His job is to search out a man named Stanos, who will be at the Inn at Vghera's Grove for the next week or so. Sanctuary is to rough him up a bit to send a message, and to get back what he owes to the Bargainers, then, she'll be formally inducted into the organization. She agrees and is on her way.

Corvin decided to try to get some more information about the Magister and his town, Vghera's Grove from their old friend, Leila Greymalkin. He was able to glean some minor details, but the representative of Destrin's Cove wasn't that well informed on the day to day of one of the other Magisters.

The rest of the group met up at the Inn and Tavern, where Bellos decided to purchase a full Keg of Ale, and share it with the group. He also smashed someone's head into their table for looking at him funny.

As the party was off doing their various relaxation tasks, there was an explosion, which eminated from the Black Shack. The surrounding buildings were decimated, and covered in a fine green sandlike residue, shards of a strange green glasslike substence were strewn about and piercing multiple people and buildings. The group jumped in, attempting to help the injured and figure out what had happened. Corvin, discovered that the sandlike residue and shards were related, and more than likely the result of some kind of arcane or alchemical experiment. During the process, Sanctuary and Melia decided it was time to use their Divination, and asked for information on who had turned her into the Tiefling she is today.

The creature responded, informing her that it was difficult to divine the comings and goings of higher beings, but that the answers she seeks are with one of her companions. They took this to mean Melia. In the morning, the party headed North, towards Vghera's Grove.

On the road, while the party camped for the night, they all had horrible dreams; Melia and Sanctuary both dreaming of a porceline face with shining gold eyes, Kiers dreaming of his time in Mismallon, fighting off the Halfling Gorrillas called the Red Acorns, while Bellos has dreams of rage and anger. Only Corvin was not effected negatively, dreaming of the process used to create the Residuum glass as he now understood what it was.

On his watch, Corvin was informed by Sanctuary and Melia that the forest around them was earily silent, and so he went off searching in the dark for what could be causing the disturbance. What he found, was multiple small groups of undead, all wandering in the direction of the Vghera tombs. He returned to the party, informing them of this just before it was time to pack up camp and move forward.

Arriving at Vghera's Grove, Melia's hometown, they were greeted by the guards and allowed to enter. Melia immediately brought them to her families home, and after some shock at seeing a second Tiefling, they were allowed to enter and stay the night. At dinner, the conversation went from discussing the Magisters ghost, and the apparent imposter currently running the town, to the subject of Sanctuary. While not certain, the dissappearance of Melia's sister, Wendy, four years prior, and the transformation and loss of memory in Sanctuary seemed to be to much of a coincidence. The family asked the everyone stay there for the night, and that Sanctuary spend the night in their lost daughters room, hoping that something might come of it.