Session #4: Inside the Tomb of Vghera

The party awakens inside the Vghera family tomb the morning after defeating the tomb guardians; Sanctuary is however, missing. They find her, staring at the small lit globe in the secret chamber, gently humming to herself. After several moments of trying to get her attention, then losing theirs themselves, they manage to break everyone free of the strange device, and seal the secret room once again.

Continuing on, deeper into the tomb in search of the corpse flower requested by the inhabitant of the black shack in the Port of Arazak, they come to a split in the hallway. Santuary and Melia decided to go down the hallway with stairs leading downward, while Kiers, Corvin and Bellos continued down the straight hallway leading into a larger chamber.

The larger chamber contained four pillars and a strange square dark hole. Upon further inspection, the hole contained what looked to be bones. While inspecting it, the men in the party heard a scream, and Sanctuary and Melia came running back up the stairs. Upon exiting the hallway at the bottom of the stairs, Melia had inadvertantly triggered some kind of switch while moving towards an alter at the other end of the room, which lowered the crypt walls, and allowed several restless undead to wander out.

Bellos rushed down the hallway and began to attack the undead as Sanctuary spread ball barings on the stairs to slow the attackers down. Melia and Kiers then began to unload both arrows and fire into the group of undead. 

The battle was over fairly quickly, and the party decided to investigate the remainder of the room before moving on. What they found was some small, strange green glasslike shards on the alter, and what appeared to be cutting instruments for precious gems. Corvin took the shards, to investigate later, and the group headed back up the stairs to the room with the large square hole and bones.

Upon investigating the hole, they noticed a faint flicker of light from within, and shortly after, Melia was shocked by what would end up being a will-o-wisp. Melia decided to try to persuade the corpse light to show them where the Corpse Flower they were searching for was, and surprisingly enough, it acquessed. Moving through the room and down the hallway before disappearing behind a door.

Continuing down the hallway at the end of the room and following their undead guide, they discovered a carving of a large face, which Melia recognized as Magister Morin Vghera of Vghera's Grove, her home, and the Magister that her family had served for quite some time. Witnessing the will-o-wisp vanish into the closed door, the party decided to investigate, opening the door, and finding only a small room with a single lit orange torch, bolted to the wall.

Using some ingenuity, Sanctuary and Melia began to try different things, finally blowing out the torch, they revealed another room, with a blue torch bolted to the wall, this continued until they found themselves in a large room, filled with clay jars, several runes and a sarcophogus in the middle.

Examining the sarcophogus, Bellos decided it was time to open it, and when he did so, a black oily visage came out and attacked. The party dispatched the Allip, but not without suffering some wounds themselves. When they had, behind them, next to the sarcophogus, appeared the white, ghostlike visage of Magister Morin Vghera, who recognized Melia. He appologized to her, before indicating that not all was as it seems at Vghera's Grove. He gave them the corpse flower they were in search of, gifted Kiers a Blazing Bow String for his crossbow, and Melia his Magisters signet ring, to prove to his family that he was indeed dead, and then vanished, leaving the party to themselves in the tomb.