Session #3: New Acquaintances

After several days of rest and recouperating from their fight with the Ogres, the party is greeted by a small street urchin child with a message, they have been summoned to the "Black Shack".

The black shack is somewhat of an enigma in the Port, a ramshackle building that was refurbished by the townspeople on the behest of something that was living inside. Often enough, when viewing the shack, individuals will see it differently than others around them, the door may be on a different side, or it might appear taller, or deeper to some than to others.

Upon arriving at the shack, the party is confronted with a problem, the inhabitant would like them to procure some items for it... A 1lb chunk of Hekonite from a nearby warehouse, 150gp worth of fine inks and velums (paper) and a corpse flower from a very specific tomb in the mistling forest, the tomb of the Magister Family Vghera of Vghera's Grove.

The group agrees, as they don't necessarily see another option, plus, the pay is good, 100gp per person and a single divination provided by the inhabitant of the shack.

Departing in the morning for the Mistling forest, several days due North of the Port, west of Destrin's Cove and Vghera's Grove, they travelled throughout the day and night without issue. The next day, roughly halfway to their destination, the party encountered two others on the road, being harrassed by Faceless Legion in the employ of Magister Kurn. Bellos Hurk a Half-Orc Barbarian, and Melia a Tiefling Sorceress, were waylaid by these Faceless Legion, bound and gagged, with Bellos fighting back and managing to kill one of the guards, the party jumped in to help.

After a quick tussel and introductions, the two decided to move along with the party, as there are safety in numbers, and it would appear that both companies could help one another.

Travelling the remainder of the day, and bedding down a short distance from the edge of the Mistling, the party saw the distant fires and heard the drumbeats of some kind of Goblinoid or Orc raiding party, several miles away. Not assailed throughout the night, they awoke to an uneasy feeling as they approached the Mistling.

Several hours later, they arrived at the almost forgotten graveyard that held the tomb of the last Magister of Vghera, long dead. Entering they decended the spiral staircase into the tombs. 

Upon entering what appeared to be some kind of ritual chamber, a large open room with four pillars and a throne overlooking an inset floor covered with a thick gray dust. Below the upper walkway, the party spotted several smabling undead, whom alerted to their presence attempted to rush the party. Bellos jumping down took the brunt of the attacks, while Corvin was rushed by one on the staircase. Sanctuary, Melia and Kiers took turns beating on a couple as the party ended the assault victoriously.

Upon inspecting the rest of the room, it was discovered that the thick powder on the ground was infact cremated remains. Sanctuary descovered a hidden door behind a statue containing a small orb, which was giving off a strange musical humming, the party chose to ignore it, though it was difficult, and decided to rest for the remainder of the day in the strange viewing room of sorts.