Session #2: Trouble at Castin's Farm

The party was approached by an older farmer named Cedrick Castin, about the dissappearance of some of his neighbors. Castin was affraid that whatever befell them, might also happen to his family as well.

They decided to investigate and travelled the day's trip to the farming community, where Cedrick showed them around. Leaving Castin at his farm with his wife and children, the party moved on to what he had told them was the Ander's farm. Upon arriving, the group noticed something was indeed wrong. The door was broken down, and inside on the kitchen floor there were streaks of blood, and an old rusty pair of manicals. Sanctuary and Corvin continued to search around the interior of the farmhouse while Kiers took up watch outside, where he noticed smoke coming from a small quarry area towards the edge of the farmland, and tracks leading off in that direction. Sanctuary found some coin in the house, and decided to pocket it.

Gathering the rest of the party, Kiers pointed out the smoke, and they made there way to the quarry silently. Kiers took up a position hidden along the edge of the pit, along with Corvin and their mage companion Stanos, while Sanctuary moved quietly down the trail into the pit.

Corvin decided to speak with the Half-Ogre that was in the pit, who had emerged from one of the ramshackle camp tents, it did not go well. It was later described by Kiers as "Trying to discuss advanced economics with an Ogre". The somewhat insulted Half-Ogre threw a javalin at Corvin before its Ogre companion decided to come out, hearing the ruckus. It too decided to avoid any further conversation, and threw a rock, this time at Stanos, who nearly was killed instantly.

With Sanctuary hidden, and the others up at the top of the pathway, the Ogre decided to rush the group. It was peppered by arrows by Kiers as it passed by the spot where Sanctuary was hiding, and received a very unhealthy stab as it passed by, killing it and causing it to fall and block the pathway from the Half-Ogre.

With nowhere to go, the Half-Ogre was a sitting duck, and only managed to get one more javalin throw, injuring Corvin in the process, but the party made short work of him.

Investigating the Ogre's encampment, they discovered a bound and gagged David Anders, the owner of the farm. The group questioned him, and he informed them that there were two other Ogres who had his wife and daughter, and they went off to the North-west. Sanctuary, feeling bad about his situation, gave him back the money she had taken from his house, before leaving to go try to rescue his family.

Another days journey North-West, the group caught up to the Ogres at a much more fortified camp than the last ones. This one with trees jammed into the ground to create a fifteen foot tall wooden fence. Kiers took up position on a nearby hill, hiding and keeping watch over the rest of the group, as Corvin and Sanctuary tried to sneak in and rescue the two women who were tied to logs by the fire.

As she picked the locks on the manicles however, one of the Ogres came out of his tent and attacked, alerting the other, larger Ogre to their presence.

The battle was quick but costly, with Corvin falling, and Stanos and Kiers also receiving wounds. They were able to save the women, and returned to the Castin's farm where it would be somewhat safer than their own.

As a reward, Farmer Ander's went back to his home and retrieved a suit of Mithral Scalemail armor that had been gifted to his family a generation ago by Magister Destrin of Destrin's Cove. The party then returned to the Port to rest and decide what to do next.