Session #1: Secrets of River Light Island

Meeting each other in the Port of Arazak, the party unites in an attempt to make a living and survive in the frontier lands of the Verokha Peninsula. Accepting a job from the Representative of Destren's Cove, Liela Graymalkin, the new party agreed to journey to River Light Island and Barnacle Keep to try to find an answer to why the magical lighthouse which had been lit for the last three hundred years suddenly went dark. Journeying to the keep, they began their investigation by searching the Graymalkins' manor and investigating the lighthouse itself.

Borc and Sanctity searched Theren Graymalkins' room, finding some money, a holy symbol of Aurintuli and a book on cults that used to exist in the region. Kiers and Corvin investigated the lighthouse, finding Theren's Journal and identifying the reason the lighthouse had gone dark; the enchanted mirror used to magnify the light spell cast on the beacon had been removed, and was nowhere to be found. Theren's journal was full of drawings, a diagram of sorts to a lost Temple to Aurintuli, the Sun God of the Kehler people, and a possible location, a hidden enterence to the temple in the bottom of the lighthouse itself. Meeting up together, and searching the bottom of the Lighthouse, Corvin discovered a hidden rune on one of the old crates, a ward to injur anyone who was attempting to break into the Temple. Borc "disarmed" the arcane trap, triggering it accidentally, and the party decended into the darkness of the temple. 

Leading the way, Sanctity first noticed 3 corpses of missing Faceless Legion soldiers, members of the noble families of the Circle of Arazak that had no place or room for advancement in their families. Moving deeper into the cavern, she noticed the water lines on the walls. This area floods frequently, probably with the tide. The next area contained two suits of barnacle and muscle encrusted armor, upon examing them, the armor attacked Sanctity, and upon striking the suit, it split in two, revealing two Aqua Goblins who bit at her, one latching onto her with its tiny piranha like teeth. The fight was over quick, each aqua goblin falling fast to blows from the group. 

Continuing on, past a very deep pit, the party eventually made their way to a hallway, leading to a dimly lit room with an Aqua Goblin Shaman holding a Torch of the Deep, and an Aqua Goblin Chieftain, performing some ritual to bring Theren Graymalkin back to life as a Zombie. They completed their ritual just as the party arrived, and attacked after Kiers fired his crossbow at the shaman. The battle was tough, Borc and Corvin both nearly falling, but the party was victorious. They located Theren, and decided to bring his body back to his mother to be properly intured in their family tombs. They also located the enchanted mirror and restored the beacon, lighting the Lighthouse once again, and located the missing Faceless Legion, all of whom had been killed.

They returned to Liela Graymalkin to receive their reward and decide what to do next.